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“There isn’t really a process of becoming Windmane.

It’s a bit like a sexuality, in that it’s not something you turn on and off. “I never actually owned horses, but my two favourite toys as a kid were these two little soft toy horses.

I know a few people involved with furry fandom to various degrees, and they couldn’t believe how angry Fur Affinity’s users were.

It’s a hefty membership—the forums claim nearly 100,000 members—which has currently left 1,817 aggrieved comments on the big official announcement.

When you’re in the business of customizable trinkets, an audience constantly commissioning new drawings of their fursonas might be the ideal market.

But the collective alienation clearly went deeper than that. As somebody who spent way too much of high school on message boards for terrible nerds, I have a lingering interest in the social dynamics of niche Internet communities.

Two weeks ago, guests at a Hyatt Hotel in suburban Chicago noticed a strange smell coming from the ninth floor.

First responders discovered a high level of chlorine gas in the air.

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“Furry culture”, or dressing up as an animal in a huge expensive ‘fursuit’, is when people express a personal animal character who also shares their personality.

“Going to such a highly traditional university, having a society for furries isn’t really an option,” he says. “That sounds really weird, but it’s true.” John sees his “fursona” (what furries call the animal persona they adopt when they dress up) as an extension of himself.

“I don’t know of any furries at the uni either, we seem fairly few and far between.” “I guess I’d best describe it as ‘being who you want to be’. He says: “If Windmane is a more liberated version of me then yes, being Windmane gives me a chance to be who I really want to be.

and so is the porcupine a few feet away, as well as the many foxes and wolves.

Even the people in regular clothes have a little something (ferret hand puppet, rabbit ears) to set them apart from the ordinary hotel guests. Instead I find myself talking with Keith Dickinson, a self-described “computer geek.” Not long ago, this man, a 37-year-old from Kansas City, Kansas, was so depressed he could barely bring himself to go to the grocery store. He started to believe that, somewhere deep down, he was actually …