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Allihies Parish is located on the western tip of the Béara Peninsula and stretches between Cod's Head to the north west and Dursey Island to the south west.

A tomb in the southern half of Skyros island is renowned as that 'corner of a foreign field that is forever England'.

Less than a mile behind the tourist areas spread along the beaches, the island has changed little, and neither has daily village life.

The whole of Corfu is like a huge botanical garden: endless olive groves interspersed by dark cypress trees, heath land and alpine vegetation in the higher regions.

Here you leave the island of Corfu by a pedestrian bridge that takes you to Nissos (=island), actually an island of its own, separated from Corfu by the Antinioti Lagoon.

Over time, this lagoon is slowly filling up with silt, washed down from the hills behind.