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Thanks to the all-inclusive power of the Internet, you were scrolling through goths and triathletes and electricians and investment bankers and chefs, and suddenly it didn’t seem so crazy to start trading emails with someone who rooted for the wrong sports team or even lived across the country.These people didn’t go to your college, and they didn’t know your friends (or your mom). I recently analyzed tens of thousands of such Stormfront profiles, in which registered members can enter their location, birth date, interests, and other information. I also learned that Vikingmaiden88 has enjoyed the content on the site of the newspaper I work for, the feature.

A recent Southern Poverty Law Center report linked nearly one hundred murders in the past five years to registered Stormfront members.Stormfront members are not whom I would have guessed.They tend to be young, at least according to self-reported birth dates.Surfing and yoga were attractive keywords for both genders, while London and New York were the two most popular cities mentioned.When it comes to pop culture, it pays to agree with the experts.