C form onvalidating

When I type a French word in an Auto Complete Combo Box then submit it to add new record to database, the combo box throw an exception: Argument Out Of Range Exception was unhandled: Invalid Argument=Value of '0' is not valid for 'index'.

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Parameter name: index This exception appears in line: addr = cbo Addr. I did it in another way: First I insert a new label in the input form and set its visible to false.

Text; And here's the code of Auto Complete Combo Box class: When you are writing your question, there is a button on the tool bar that wraps the [code] tags around your copy/pasted code. When there is a text update event on the combo box, I push the cbo Addr.

Say Form1 has Text Box, Form1 is loaded modalessand Form2 is loaded Modaless but I want to run the Text Box Validating event.thanks,.

This eliminates the possibility the end-users will incorrectly enter the values.

Some checks are business rules and thus conceptually they must be done in the business layer of the multi-layer application or in the server-side of a client/server application.

But the key components, which the end-users interact with, are those which reside in the presentation layer.

In Win Forms I could handle the Validated event to do something after the user changed text in a Text Box.

Unlike Text Changed, Validated didn't fire for every character change; it only fired when the user was done.