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So, if you invite a police officer into your home and his body camera is rolling, a video of your living room suddenly becomes accessible to anyone in the world.If a prison escapee leads an officer on a chase through your basement, any images they capture will be a matter of public record.Of the three options, Homeboy has also been around the longest.Though there aren't many online reviews, the app has been sufficiently reviewed.Bottom line: We found this a helpful entry-level device.For smaller homes and apartments without multiple entry points, it can give you ample notification of what’s going on without a lot of fuss, including the need to set up and position multiple devices.Pennsylvania has taken a significant step forward to improve police accountability and civilian safety. Currently under federal law, police officers must turn their body cameras off when entering a private residence in order to protect the privacy of individuals who invite police into their homes.

However, the cameras are not effective if they’re not turned on.

As I mentioned in our Homeboy Review, the camera has its own IFTTT channel.

And IFTTT integration is another feature that sets Homeboy apart from the other cordless options.

Homeboy, Blink, Butterfleye, Arlo, Ring Stick Up, and Canary Flex are all getting ready for the home automation party. Homeboy is 100% cordless and is 100% battery-powered.

On the bright side, they've selected different accessories. The magnetic base attaches to the ball-shaped camera so that you can creatively place the camera throughout your home.