Dating a man with teenagers

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. He has a 17 year old daughter that I adore, and until yesterday I thought the feelings was mutual with her... I have an 18 year old who was 16 when my BF and I started dating. I just don't see how a child can try to control a parents love life, I respect her home and her things and her time alone with her dad...shouldn't she do the same?She popped off " is_______ spending the night tonight, too? The only time the BF spent the night at my house when my son was home, was if there was some special circumstance where we got home after midnight or so. I can't tell from your post if you routinely spend the night at the house when the daughter is there and just don't sleep together, or you only stay over when she is not there. as I've never had to deal with this my parents have been married for 48 years... Are you sleeping over when she also sleeping there at the house? I think in 5 months months I've stayed there while she is there 3 times..I sleep in the extra bed room.Leave your feelings out of it and don't make the mistake of putting pressure on him to defend you to her - you are only his girlfriend, not his new wife, and she should be his priority when they are together. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. Over ,000 in prizes has already been given out to active posters on our forum. No you don't If you did, you'd leave and sleep at your own house when she sleeps over at his. I'm not in a popluarity contest with her over him, I would never dream of coming between anyone and their child, period. Even if they are under your roof and there are rules they should abide by, unless the father sticks up for you, there is really nothing you can do besides ask them nicely to behave.Anymore and you are reported to the mother which then turns into a brouhaha best avoided (never knew such a ruckus could be created from asking a child to put their glass on a coaster when staying at my house simple rule that is standard in a house filled with antiques! Although having sole custody means you never get a break from the children, it is more like a normal home and the rules of the house do not change from one week to the next.So you met Mister Right – a glorious knight in shining armor complete with the big white stallion who has successfully swept you off your feet, whisking you away to the castle of your dreams. One major problem that not only walks and talks but talks back and it has turned your perfect fantasy into a complete nightmare. Everything about this man was what I had spent a lifetime looking for and I was not going to let a teenage boy get in the way.Mister Right has sole-custody of his kids and to be a part of his life, it is up to you to decide if this is still the man, and the kingdom, of your dreams. This was not the teenager’’s problem nor was it really Mr.

My own experience may be unusual, but when I moved into a new apartment following the end of a long marriage, my college-age son gave me an interesting housewarming gift: a box of condoms! Rather, it was his way of telling me that dating — and more importantly sexual attitudes and risks — had changed significantly since I was last “out there” in the late 1980s. ’ may reflect a child’s angry response to a parent they perceive as acting more like a roommate than a parent.”Google allows us — and our children — to do a quick search on our dates and our companions.Here’s a snippet of conversation between a single parent and their 17-year-old. ”“It’s a long story.”“What do you mean it’s a long story? It’s an almost standard conversation between parent and child about dating. ”Many of us — the dating divorced — find ourselves experiencing a very interesting role reversal as we head out the door on a weekend evening. But I’ll probably be back late.”“Who are you going out with? Someone you don’t know.”“Where did you meet this friend? Such are the joys of dating when you have an older teen/young adult under the same roof, watching as you come and go, watching (or at least wondering) with whom you go out and with whom you might come back. Why do you continue to annoy me with these questions?17 is a rough age, and daughters are VERY protective of their dads. This past weekend she was supposed to go to her moms, and on those occasions(when we have the house alone) we do sleep together, however, when she is home, we do not. No you don't If you did, you'd leave and sleep at your own house when she sleeps over at his. That's HER time with her dad and you are in the way. I'm not in a popluarity contest with her over him, I would never dream of coming between anyone and their child, period.