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There are “traditional” marriages, plural marriages, open marriages, same-sex marriages, child marriages, arranged marriages, common-law marriages… It’s hard to take a stance against something which shape shifts to serve so many.

Author: Tara Eisenhard, Relative Evolutions Comment I have worked with individuals at every stage of the divorce process – from those who are still contemplating divorce to those who divorced long ago and are now confronting unintended consequences arising from mistakes that were made during their divorce negotiations.

That doesn't mean we don't have any now, but we have a long way to go. I've known plenty of women in my life, who were incredibly strong, smart, funny and in almost every way my equal. When in reality, it is a subject rife with debate from all sides and all viewpoints.

We do NEED more women not just making games, but realistic women portrayed in games. What's it fucking matter, if someone with genitals the opposite of yours, shares this hobby? Either something fits the bill or doesnt, end of discussion.Author: Bryana Turner, Turner Divorce Mediation, PC Comment It’s absolutely true that the act of letting go is freeing and feels fabulous. You can’t simply let go of something you’re actively nourishing.That’s why green leaves don’t fall from trees unless they’re ripped away by an external force.What does it mean to stop feeding an old relationship?Leicestershire County Care Limited is an equal opportunities employer.