Mobile facebook not updating

When there is problems, millions around the world know about it and this is due to the fact that this social network has over one billion mobile users alone.They login while at home and on the move, so the most common Facebook problems involve trying to sign-in on computers and mobile devices, issues with uploading pictures, blank white pages, or a total blackout when Facebook is down from time-to-time.If your company needs help staying up to date with the newest Facebook trends or maximizing its reach on the network, give us a call and we can schedule a no-cost consultation!Following Google’s lead in ranking sites, Facebook will now prioritize websites with faster loading times in the News Feed.Note: if you’re a “social media guru” (I think I just puked in my mouth a little bit) and you can’t read the results of the Facebook debugger then you should grab a little HTML class and do some reading.

Not only will Google penalize slow sites, but now Facebook will as well.

Justin, Leslie, Erica and I run into roadblocks everyday that although seemingly minor and annoying can in reality turn your day upside down for absolutely no reason. Naturally Facebook will try to figure it out but that’s the tiny tot talent time approach, we’re all grown up so we do the right things. What a few days before Facebook decides to update it cache of your content? But there is a neat little trick and it lives at the Facebook Debugger: If you’re not a developer, don’t be scared.

In this ongoing series, that we’re creatively calling: “Thanks Tips”, we’re going to share little gems, tricks and “hacks” we’ve come up with that may not save the day but will definitely reduce the amount of swearing going on around your office. Just copy and paste your URL into the box there and press the happy “debug” button.

You can (and should) of course be defining your Open Graph meta data in each of the main elements of your content so it’s properly formatted at all times when shared.

You’ll see all sorts of magical voodoo language but what will happen is you will force an update of your page in Facebook’s cache. How to force Facebook to update your post thumbnail.