Whitney houston and denzel washington dating

Either way, I have compiled a list of the best Christmas movies to watch to warm your heart, make you laugh or otherwise keep you in the Christmas Spirit and Holiday Cheer.Every movie on this list is approved by me and has a re-watch-ability factor of 8 or more, which means that I have been able to re-watch all of them during the holidays more than 3 times and still enjoy each the entire time.You can view additional information about each The Preacher's Wife actor on this list, such as when and where they were born.To find out more about a particular actor or actress, click on their name and you'll be taken to page with even more details about their acting career.The Bishop's Wife is a Cary Grant movie in which Grant plays an angel who comes down to answer the prayers of a bishop in a small parish who is having some issues that are a bit too much for him.The Preacher's Wife is actually a remake of the original, except the angel is played by Denzel Washington with the added bonus of Whitney Houston as his wife., she was nagged by “the feeling that the age difference between the two would be too large a gap.” For the record, Smith is a mere four years older than the 40-year-old Affleck, and if it seems a little odd that either of them would be considered a romantic partner for the 23-year-old Stewart in the first place … It seems like time and time again, male movie stars are allowed to age into their forties, fifties, and even sixties while the ages of their female love interests remain firmly on one side of the big 4-0, but is this a perception borne out of reality?

In fact, the cradle-robbing Depp has only had two notable love interests in their mid-thirties, and all Juliette Binoche and Angelina Jolie had to do to make that cut is win an Oscar beforehand. From Compared to Cruise, the women that George Clooney screen-dates are a smidge more age-appropriate (most of them are only eight or nine years his junior), and twice he even wooed actresses who were three older than him: Michelle Pfeiffer in ?He’s a wonderful guy, but I’ll tell you something about him that’ll astound you.With so few days until Christmas (ONE to be precise), we're all looking to do one of two things: We either need to rush through stores online and offline looking for the perfect gift or last minute stocking stuffer or we need to absolutely forget the fiasco that was attempting to Christmas shop so close to the day; just admit defeat.(Because production dates for older movies can be hard to come by, we measured the stars' ages on the day the film in question was released.) The results confirmed our suspicions: As leading men age, their love interests stay the same, and even the oldest men on our list have had few romantic pairings with a woman their own age (or even one out of her mid-thirties).If our actor was sharing the screen with an A-lister of commensurate star power like Julia Roberts or Angelina Jolie, the age difference would drop somewhat, but in movies that relied solely on our guy's big name, the lesser-known love interests would nearly always be decades younger.