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hhhhhh look at all those hooky ripplesome ripples, aren't they glorious?I love crocheting this pattern, its relatively simple, rhythmic and soothing, but playing with colours in this way is also energising, exciting and a lot of fun. there's something magical and mesmerising about the way the ripple effect makes the colours sing and dance next to each other, and it's a pattern I can see myself coming back to time after time.Once you are sure you've got the right number of chains to begin (count carefully as you make them!), make a treble crochet stitch (this is UK treble / US dc) in the 4th chain from the hook.Work 3dc in 4th ch from hook, 1dc in each of next 7ch, 1dc in each of next 18dc from the first half of neck (see diagram below), return to 8ch made earlier and work 1dc in each of next 7ch, 8dc in last ch, working on opposite side of ch, work 1dc in each of next 7ch, 1dc in each of next 18dc from second half of neck, working on opposite side of ch, work 1dc in each of next 7ch, 4dc in last ch, sl st to top of ch3 on beginning of row. With 4.00mm hook, main color and WS facing rejoin yarn to back seam, ch1, 1sc in base of ch1, work 1sc in each of next 10sc, 8sc evenly across top of instep, work 1sc in each of next 11sc, sl st to first sc. In each country, crochet hooks can differ in size and that is why there is a need for this crochet hook conversion chart. 25GB per day View full list here : Click here @3.49$/week The most enchanting teenagers ever seen!

I followed a pattern in Jan Eatons book (the Soft Waves pattern), and it has to be said that at first this pattern was not plain sailing. But truthfully I always think crochet patterns look and sound far too complex, more than they actually need to b To start out, you need to crochet your foundation chain.

It should be in multiples of 14, plus an extra 3 added on for turning.

After using one for a few minutes, you’ll realize that you’re not gripping the hook too tightly and that your hand is relaxed.

I think this would be great for crocheters who tend to work too tightly.