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In December 2001, following a short secondment developing care pathways, she secured the post of Clinical Nurse Specialist for Fertility.This new post allowed her the autonomy to expand and develop the Fertility service at Good Hope Hospital, which also encompasses early pregnancy assessment.Following this she gained a Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Ultrasound from Derby University; this has provided the essential knowledge base for performing and interpreting early pregnancy and gynaecological ultrasound scans.She completed a Non-Medical prescribing course at Birmingham City University and has completed advanced training in volume and 3D / 4D pregnancy and gynaecology scanning.Throughout Diana’s nursing career, she has continually kept her professional development up to date.

Since then she has developed her expertise in women’s health care, she was the Gynaecology Ward Sister from 1989 until 1994 when she developed an "Early Discharge Scheme" and became the Gynaecology Liaison Sister.The age of a pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the last period (LMP), this means at time of conception you are already 2 weeks pregnant!By 5 weeks from the first day of your LMP on scan it should be possible to see a pregnancy sac usually with a yolk sac present.On the rare occasion that it is necessary, and only with your permission, we are also able to discuss your case with your primary caregiver.An early pregnancy (also called a viability or dating scan) will confirm a pregnancy and establish an estimated due date.