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We offer reproductive health care including annual exams, pap smears, pregnancy tests, pregnancy options counseling, infection checks, HIV testing, STD/STI testing and treatment and menopause evaluations.

1-800-572-4223 1401-A Martin Luther King Jr Way, Tacoma, WA 98405 Free Parking Cedar River Clinics is the only AAAHC accredited abortion provider in Washington, our clinics meet the rigorous standards for quality set by the Accreditation Association of Ambulatory Health Centers.

Researchers from the University of Toronto found more than 100 Swiss couples to keep a diary about sex. ) What the scientists were hoping to discover was the actual value of a healthy sex life. The stress relief and happiness boost of once a week sex, as opposed to once a month sex, was then somehow determined to be the equivalent of earning an additional ,000 per year in pay! Keep in mind the participants self-reported their emotions and the study was documented in Men’s Health magazine, but that bit of potential male bias aside, the study reinforces that sex and cuddling are healthy for you.

Everyone got along, and afterwards my wife and I chatted for an hour with Simpson's ridiculously dexterous Estonian guitarist, Laur Joamets, who makes Dickie Betts seem like he plays on Lithium.

Both people involved were taken into custody on assault, DUI and eluding charges. and passers-by stopped and herded the pig through an opening in barriers along the interstate so it wouldn't walk into traffic. on August 2, according to the Washington State Department of Ecology (Ecology) air monitor located atop Hal Holmes Community Center in Ellensburg. On at about a.m., the Yakima County Sheriff's was notified of a shooting with multiple gunshot victims, that had just taken place in the 8000 block of Lateral C. Michael Thomas of Cascade Neurosurgical Associates for negligently performing a spinal surgery in July 2011 that left his patient with a severe spinal deformity for three years before it was finally corrected by a second surgery. For the tenth year, Sunnyside Community Hospital & Clinics, a Regional Health affiliate, has been recognized on Hospitals & Health Networks’ “Most Wired Hospitals and Health Systems” list, as a Most Wired hospital. Fire and insurance investigators conclude this fire was caused by the tenant who was cleaning up the yard, and in doing so, he found a large wasp nest and attempted to burn it in place. Four new single-family residential units are planned for the city of Yakima after the City Council unanimously approved contracts on Tuesday, July 18th with Yakima Valley Partners Habitat for Humanity.

Johnson says the pig had some scrapes but otherwise appeared uninju... The Kittitas County Public Health Department (KCPHD) recommends that anyone who spends time with someone who is using or is suspected to be using narcotics for any reason should have naloxone and overdose prevention training.

All are future Ellen fans who got their start in Ellensburg Cut to a split-screen of an historic building and a cute baby (screen right) holding a balloon. "Ellensburg, stop by on your way to someplace interesting! More like something a small-town, semi-rural council would come up with. Kind of surprising, really, that such a wholesome place would imply it's a sex resort (at least between committed, presumably married couples). It gets called a lot of things by its residents, wholesome is not one of them!

Cut to another split-screen of a cute baby girl sitting on an inflatable ring (screen left) and some people fishing in an inflatable boat. The river was high, and the fish were biting, Hoo hoo hoo! Too bad the "baby boom" was (in part) caused by the surprisingly high teen pregnancy rate! I will never, ever live in Ellensburg again.) They could have just simply said: "If there is anything to do in Ellensburg other than having sex, we can't think of it either." Which is better than their previous slogan.