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We're trying to get a critical mass of members so to have enough people to keep things interesting. you will get a ton of e-mail, my recommendation is if you have a secondary e-mail address use that for your user id.

Meetups live and die on how many events are on their calendar and the GOAL to be Self Sustaining: 2000 Facebook Members & about 5000 on the Meetup Pittsburgh Social Club (the Pittsburgh Social Club meetup is more important, because Facebook is more of a Pay to Play venue, Meetup has a better Calendaring System, and the automated email reminders help get people to show up). Or that you go up to "My Profile" on right hand side of page and select E-mail and Notifications.

Examples of coercion include threatening to disclose another individual’s private sexual information (sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression) and threatening to harm oneself if the other party does not engage in the sexual activity.If you are a member you can post events, just PLEASE remember you are the Hostess or Host of your event and try to do your best setting up a event and PLAN it as well as you can!It is OKAY to setup events with MULTIPLE HOSTS and HOSTESSES. If you post an event you have to be there, and you don't have to babysit people but you do have TO KEEP IT REAL!Coercion is the improper use of pressure to compel another individual to initiate or continue sexual activity against the individual’s will.Coercion can include a wide range of behaviors, including intimidation, manipulation, threats and blackmail.